TIC Steel-bonded carbide is a new type of cemented carbide developed on the basis of cemented carbide. Steel-bonded cemented carbide is a steel-based composite material prepared by powder metallurgy using steel as binder and hard compound as hard phase.

TiC steel bonded hard alloy has high hardness (3200HV), high melting point (3150°C) and high temperature stability, giving it high hardness, good adhesion resistance, wear resistance and heat resistance, etc. The steel bond phase provides process properties such as heat treatment, machining, forging, and welding of the hard alloy. These properties make the alloy widely used in making molds, tools, and wear parts.


This material has high hardness, high wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and work hardening properties. Its small density, good thermal conductivity, good toughness, will not be brittle due to quenching or sudden heat. Longer service life than high manganese steel liner.


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