Polyurethane is a new polymer composite material somewhere between rubber plate and plastic plate; it possesses the high strength of a plastic and the high elasticity of rubber. Polyurethane liner has applications in the cement, building, metallurgical, coal and mining industries, and features:

A wide hardness range. Even when polyurethane is very hard, it still retains the elongation and resilience of rubber. The hardness range of polyurethane elastomer is Shore A10-D80.

High strength. At the hardness of rubber, the breaking strength and load carrying capacity of polyurethane are much higher than those of standard rubber. At a high hardness, the impact strength and bending strength of polyurethane are much higher than those of plastics.

  • Wear resistance. The wear resistance of polyurethane is excellent, usually within 0.01-0.10(cm³)/1.61km, or about 3-5 times of that of rubber.
  • Polyurethane elastomer is a strong polar polymer compound, having a small affinity with non-polar mineral oil, and is hardly eroded at all by fuel oil or machine oil.
  • With its good vibration absorption, polyurethane can play a role in reducing vibrations and buffering, and can replace rubber and springs in the mold making industry.
  • Efficient thermal performance

Polyurethane can be produce into Heavy duty screen in bother wet/dry processing environment. It can also be design to suit a dewatering screen environment for gravel, crushed aggregates, mineral sands, hard rocks, precious metals, coal, iron ore, salt and various granular material Polyurethane can also be produce into conveyor belt scraper/cleaner


Zirconia toughened alumina ceramic liner is a kind of material mainly composed of alumina (AL2O3), supplemented with other ingredients, sintered at high temperature, widely used in thermal power, steel, smelting, machinery, coal , mining, chemical, cement, port and other enterprises of the coal transportation, transportation systems, pulverizing systems, ash, dust removal system, and all other wear and tear on the mechanical equipment, according to different needs can choose different types of products.

Based on different application environments, the below products with different shapes are developed.

Zirconia is one of the most widely specified, general-purpose technical ceramics. It is recommended that materials and components are custom-made for their suitability for a specific application.


    1. Wear resistance: alumina corundum ceramics, with a hardness of more than HRA89, have a wear-resistance performance of 280 times that of manganese steel and 190 times that of chromium steel;
    1. Shock resistance: toughened ceramic formula ensures they are not easy to break, unique spherical design and high quality buffer layer resists impact of large materials;
    1. High temperature resistant, can run long in – 40oC – 290oC;
    1. Acid and alkali resistance: the new formula can resist weak acid and alkali;
    1. Anti-peeling: the ceramic rubber steel plate is vulcanized in one body, and the binding is very firm. Each piece of ceramic has a penetration bolt through the bottom plate, which is welded and double protected.
    1. Convenient installation and replacement: the entire liner plate is used to provide replacement and installation, reducing after-sales service;
    1. Reduced maintenance: the service life is increased and a large number of costs and labor are saved.</ol