The cast bimetallic wear-resistant composite material is prepared by uniformly mixing a Cr-Ti-C-Fe powder and placing it on the surface of a steel substrate, adding a binder that is easily volatilized, forming a melt after being heated and ignited on the substrate.

In combination, the coating is obtained. The fused cast bimetallic wear-resistant composite
material has excellent properties such as coating thickness (38mm), high strength, uniform
hardness (HRC≥63), good wear resistance, etc., which can improve the comprehensive
performance of the matrix and extend the service life of the matrix
Mainly used in sinter feed hoppers, top hoppers, chutes, dust removal pipes, coal mill linings
and other places subject to strong impact wear, is an ideal wear-resistant material for
metallurgy, building materials, machinery, chemicals, agriculture and other industries
The products are also widely used in the wear and tear parts of materials conveying systems
in industries such as cement, power, mining, coal, metallurgy, building materials, and
waterway dredging

Applicable Uses

  • Chutes
  • Sintering Feed Hoppers
  • Top Hoppers
  • Dust Removal Pipes
  • Coal, Iron or Other Mill Linings
  • Others


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